Jordan Cooper LLC

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Our Approach

Jordan Cooper LLC, success is based on two principles: personalized service and superior property management. We continually provide the highest quality of residential property management services by treating each of our clients as unique entities, tailoring individualized programs to meet their specific needs.

Day-to-Day Management

The success of your building depends on effective, hands-on supervision. Nothing else is as important in both preserving and enhancing your property’s value. As part of our day-to-day management program, Jordan Cooper LLC, will provide the services listed below.

Our Services

  • Collect maintenance payments
  • Work closely with your building’s accountants to prepare annual budgets
  • Supervise all staff and day-to-day building operations
  • Have a principal of the company visit your property a minimum of once a week
  • Have a qualified agent visit the property a minimum of two times a week
  • Keep a principal of the company on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Have a qualified agent attend all board meetings and the annual shareholder’s meeting.
  • Also have a principal attend on an as-needed bases
  • Retain outside contractors and supervise all repairs need in the building
  • Compute and distribute building payroll in conjunction with payroll services
  • Examine and coordinate J-51 filings to ensure that the building is receiving full tax benefits
  • Issue a comprehensive monthly management statement customized to the client’s needs including:
  • A full statement of income and expenses
  • Copies of bills
  • Full summaries of arrears
  • Full summaries of legal proceedings (where appropriate)
  • Accounts payable register
  • Check register
  • Bank statements and Bank Reconciliation

Our Team Members

Paul Brensilber

President, Founder

Michele Moiger


Mary Ann Rama

Controller, Accounts Payable

Donna Agosta

Vice President - Management

Vicenta Solatorre

Accounts Receivable, Payroll

Omar Padial

Property Manager

Daniel Ferrara

Closing/Leasing Agent

Jasmine Pabon

Office Administrator